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Week 6 Quarterback Power Rankings

Luke Williamson and Adrian Werner

Tua Tagovailoa celebrates a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.

1. Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)

Leading the league in both yards and touchdowns, Tua is playing the best football of his career and is on pace for an MVP-level season.

2. Josh Allen (Bills)

Boasting the second-highest QB rating in the league and leading a 5-1 Bills team, Josh Allen continues to use his size, athleticism, and arm talent to win games.

3. Kirk Cousins (Vikings)

Cousins is tied for first in touchdowns, second in yards, and only has 4 interceptions. He has been an elite passer and deserves a podium spot.

4. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

Placing just outside the podium, Mahomes has a respectable 11 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. To his credit, he’s the reigning MVP and Superbowl MVP, and has the Chiefs rolling at 5-1.

5. Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

With the rushing yards (327) and touchdowns (4) of an elite running back, as well as a strong passing game, Lamar Jackson is the biggest duel threat in the league.

6. Jared Goff (Lions)

Jared Goff has helped to transform the Lions from a garbage fire team into a 5-1 powerhouse. His 350-yard 2 touchdown game on Sunday only adds to the success.

7. Brock Purdy (49ers)

Purdy has been doing everything right with 10 touchdowns to 1 interception and leads one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. Constantly on the move up, this week will be a chance for Purdy to prove himself without some elite talent in Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel.

8. Justin Herbert (Chargers)

While Monday night was not Herbert’s greatest showing, he still has a 102 QB rating and a strong touchdown touchdown-to-interception ratio (9:2).

9. C.J Stroud (Texans)

CJ Stroud threw the first pick of his NFL career on Sunday capping off one of the greatest rookie starts ever. Sitting at fourth in yards, Stroud looks to move up the list and lead the Texans to a strong comeback season.

10. Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

Jalen Hurts’s seven interceptions keep him on the fringe of the top 10, but he has still been a strong passer as well as a formidable rushing threat.

11. Dak Prescott (Cowboys)

After a hot start with the Cowboys, Dak has settled into a solid Dallas offense. With a fresh win over the Chargers on Sunday and the third spot in the NFC, he has been doing his job and winning games.

12. Joe Burrow (Bengals)

Despite a slow start, Joe Burrow is looking much better and won an important game on Sunday putting his Bengals up to 3-3. As long as Burrow can stay consistent, he will certainly move up the list in future weeks.

13. Russell Wilson (Broncos)

The 1-5 Broncos continue to struggle both on offense and defense. However, Russell Wilson may not be the source of blame with 12 touchdowns 4 interceptions, and 1,300 yards.

14. Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars)

Both Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars have been inconsistent, but Lawrence played well the past few weeks and is tenth in passing yards. This week, the tough Saints defense will be a chance for him to prove himself.

15. Matthew Stafford (Rams)

Stafford leads a dynamic Rams offense and is third in total passing yards with 1,677. He has been a strong system quarterback and will find success with the return of Cooper Kupp.

16. Geno Smith (Seahawks)

Geno Smith and the Seahawks sit at 3-2, and while they came off their bye week looking weaker than usual, Geno Smith is still posting reasonable numbers and has a reasonable 5:3 TD to INT ratio.

17. Zach Wilson (Jets)

There is reason to hope for Jets fans; Zach Wilson has made noticeable strides and looks better every week. After an impressive win to end the Eagles's undefeated streak, Wilson’s potential is visible and becoming more consistent.

18. Baker Mayfield (Buccaneers)

Despite an underwhelming 6 points scored on Sunday by the Buccaneers, Mayfield has done well and holds a TD-to-INT ratio of 7:3.

19. Josh Dobbs (Cardinals)

Josh Dobbs has done a valiant job leading the once-hopeless Cardinals through close games, with one win over the 4-2 Cowboys.

20. Jordan Love (Packers)

There is clear potential in Greenbay’s young quarterback after some very strong early season games. However, he seems to be slowing down and still has a lot to prove.

21. Sam Howell (Commanders)

Howell is difficult to assess in his first year as a starter. While he has had flashes of greatness and is ninth in passing yards, he has also struggled against subpar secondaries such as the Bears and Cardinals.

22. Gardner Minshew (Colts)

After another unfortunate injury to Anthony Richardson, it looks like Minshew will leading the Colts in week 7. Minshew has been alright in the minimal time he has played this season, but with his first full game on the horizon, he is a difficult QB to trust.

23. Deshaun Watson (Browns)

Watson has had trouble getting the ball out with only 102 pass attempts (lower than Colts backup Gardner Minshew) but has still managed a 3-2 record against some formidable teams.

24. Derek Carr (Saints)

Carr has adjusted well to his new team, but is getting older and has shown the same inconsistency he did in Las Vegas.

25. Jimmy Garoppolo (Raiders)

Jimmy G directs a struggling Raiders offense and has more interceptions (8) than touchdowns (7).

26. Justin Fields (Bears)

Fields has looked much better over the last few games but only managed to post one touchdown on Sunday, and it is unclear if he will even play in week 7.

27. Desmond Ridder (Falcons)

Ridder has looked mediocre at best and will likely not be the Falcons starter by the end of the season.

28. Bryce Young (Panthers)

Young may have been taken first overall in last year's draft, but he has not played up to par and has yet to win a game.

29. Mac Jones (Patriots)

Mac Jones has been playing some atrocious football as of late and was not able to score a single point in week 5.

30. Ryan Tannehill (Titans)

On top of a very weak showing against the Ravens in London this week, Tannehill also appears to be out with an injury.

31. Kenny Pickett (Steelers)

While much of the blame is certainly on offensive coordinator Matt Canada, the Steelers's offense has been floundering, and Pickett is part of the problem.

32. Daniel Jones (Giants)

With a mere 2 touchdowns to his 6 interceptions, Daniel Jones has looked horrible and has not lived up to the 160 million dollar contract he signed in the offseason.


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