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About The GOAT

Welcome to The GOAT, a Phillips Academy Andover's publication on everything sports related.  In addition to reporting-noteworthy headlines, The GOAT welcomes op-eds and aims to provide readers with in-depth analyses of sports phenomena.


We focus on traditional sports, fantasy sports and esports. Fantasy sports are online games involving virtual teams assembled from proxies of real-life professional players. Teams win by superior performances based on the statistics of the real players in actual games. Electronic sports, or esports, are all about video gaming. It has grown to be $1 billion in revenue with 475 million active followers.

Not yet a sports aficionado? We invite you to be involved with The GOAT - as a reader, a writer, an editor, or most importantly, a supporter.  We can't wait to hear what you have to say about the world of sports! 

October 2022

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