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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: The NFL’s Current Love Story

Xavier Moran

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift caught holding hands and leaving together after exiting the SNL season premiere.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been dominating this season, leading the American Football Conference West with a current five-game win streak. With success in both of the major stars, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs are on a great start to the season. While KC has been dominating their games, a certain pop star has been dominating our TVs. Taylor Swift has had an average of nine appearances per game talking to celebrities, in addition to Travis Kelce’s mom. Since July, Travis Kelce started dating the most popular singer in the world, and she happens to appear at every game he plays.

Fans of Taylor Swift are mostly looking forward to what comes out of this relationship. If it goes well and they stay together for a while, the NFL will give her a Super Bowl halftime show and continue to show a solid two minutes of Swift sitting in a booth. According to “Hubspot,” Travis Kelce is unintentionally helping the NFL get closer to Taylor, allowing future deals to be made. If the relationship ends, more like when the relationship ends, we will be getting a new album about breakups, love, and football.

But the new album isn’t the only good thing coming out of this celebrity matchup. The NFL has recently revealed that there was a 175 percent ticket sale increase for KC Chief games whenever Taylor Swift was said to show up. On September 24, Taylor Swift helped make the KC Chiefs vs. New York Jets game become the second highest viewed football game of the season. Taylor Swift's appearances have also been pulling in other celebrities to the Chiefs’ games. Celebrities who joined Swift in the booths include Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, and Blake Lively.

Also, Fanatics, the sports gear and marketing company, already struck a deal with the KC Chiefs and Taylor Swift to start selling Jerseys with Travis Kelce’s number, and the name “Swift” on the back. If you tune into this week's Chiefs game, you will see this jersey dominating the stands. But make sure to look into the likeliness of a Taylor Swift appearance because now, before every game, fans are calculating the chance Swift will be in town.

The NFL can’t get enough of Taylor Swift. The partnership mutually benefits the NFL and Swift, as Taylor Swift gets in the headlines more and the NFL can increase ticket prices. Adding on, football fans and Taylor Swift fans don’t share similar demographics, and with Swift being at the game, the KC Chiefs can see a lot more money coming in from teenage girls to older Swifties. Taylor Swift fans are especially happy about this relatively new relationship between Swift and Kelce–mainly because of their deep hatred for her last celebrity boyfriend, Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975.

While Swift has refused to perform in the Super Bowl twice already, there are many years left in her career to perform. Madonna performed in a Super Bowl halftime show when she was 53, so I think we will have plenty of chances to see her and maybe Travis Kelce at a future Super Bowl. As long as their relationship goes well, there is still a possibility the NFL will see Swift perform.


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