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Predictions for the 57th Super Bowl

Ben Shin

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will face off on Sunday, February 12th for Super Bowl 57. This year’s Super Bowl might be the most evenly matched game in all of Super Bowl history. Both teams have a 16-3 overall record and were both the first seeds in their conference. They also have both scored a season total of 546 points and have six All-Pros on their team. If it couldn’t get any closer, both of these teams are also the highest scoring teams and most respected sack leaders in their conference.

Because these teams are neck and neck in level, predicting the winner of this year’s Super Bowl is extremely hard. We must look at the facts. The Eagles team is dangerous, especially with Jalen Hurts under center. When he started in the game, they were 16-1 and he threw only six interceptions. He also threw 22 touchdowns, and ran into the endzone a boggling 13 times.

The Eagles team also has one of the best rosters in the NFL, especially on offense. AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, and Miles Sanders are all very powerful and have helped lead the team to this year’s Super Bowl. On the defensive side, the Eagles are even stronger. Their elite cornerbacks, Darius Slay and James Bradberry, led the secondary for not allowing opponents to get open. Bradberry allowed the least yards per coverage of any outside corner, 0.7 yards. Also, the Eagle’s amazing pass rush will add a lot of pressure to the Chief’s offense. They had three sacks in the NFC Championship Game, and have had a total of 70 during the regular season. Overall, the Eagles are very strong, as they are both well rounded and powerful.

For the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Isaiah Pacheco, and Chris Jones will play a huge role in the outcome of this match. This year, the Chiefs have looked unstoppable on offense with Mahomes leading the way. He is expected to win MVP, as he leads the NFL with 5,250 passing yards, 41 touchdowns thrown, and total Quarterback Rating of 77.5. Of course, his number one option, Travis Kelce, will have to be productive to secure a win due to Mahomes’ slight ankle injury. However, I am confident Mahomes will be ready to play. He has had an extra two weeks of rest to get ready for this match up. Also, even when he was injured against the Bengals, he was still able to be very productive.

However, he faces a tough Eagles defense, one of the best in the league. In the end, I think all of the Chiefs' offensive weapons are enough to overpower the Eagles strong defense. The Chiefs defense is also very good, with Chris Jones having 15.5 sacks in the regular season, and two more in the AFC Championship game. His added pressure will make it difficult for Eagles Jalen Hurts to be as productive, which I think will be a huge factor in this year’s Super Bowl outcome.

I anticipate a close high scoring game, that could honestly go for either team. However, I have to choose the Chiefs to be the Super Bowl 57 champions because of their great coaching staff and dynamic offense.


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