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Arsenal Begins To Break Away From Manchester City

Anthony Diaz

Bukayo Saka during a match between Arsenal and Liverpool at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal’s participation in the 2022-23 season of the Premier League has been significantly greater than previous years. Now, you may ask, what makes this year’s Premier League great for Arsenal? Throughout this year’s tournament, the English soccer club has had a streak with an impressive 19 wins out of the 23 matches in the Premier League, greater than other teams in the Premier League. Arsenal is a strong competitor for two-time Premier League champion Manchester City’s claim over the EPL. Let’s dive into their organized maneuvers and abilities of Arsenal’s lineup:

Throughout its most recent matches, Arsenal has noticeably improved upon its offensive plays this season. In the current season, Arsenal utilizes the 4-3-2-1 lineup, a very common position. When in action, Arsenal employs six out of the ten players to stay besides the goalkeeper: three midfielders, two attackmen, and one striker. When watching Arsenal matches, the offense outmaneuvers the opposing side’s defense which allows Arsenal to invade through the exposed center and score. These attacking plays are what separate Arsenal from every other team thus far in the tournament.

Arsenal's success in the Premier League comes with decisive moves that involve one attacker opening the box for a pass into the center. Once the offense drives the defenders out of the box, it leaves an open field for a quick goal. These goals are scored by the more agile and quicker players like Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Jesus, who are able to promptly advance into the middle. The midfielders in each situation were very vital components to the organization of the attacking line.

Furthermore, the capabilities of this Arsenal’s lineup of players like Bukayo Saka have recently made headlines in the Premier League. Bukayo was a more prominent player in the tournament, and being an attacker, he’s fast and overtakes the field. Bukayo scores with precision and swiftness that also carried Arsenal during the Premier League. His abilities continue to speak for themselves.

Another athlete coinciding with Saka is Aaron Ramsdale, the frequent goalie in many games thus far. When I watch Ramsdale in matches, I see great participation on his end. There were instances where he made great long passes, and blocked many shots on goals in the last couple of games. According to ESPN, Ramsdale has collected a total of 47 saves on goal in the 23 matches; that’s about two saves per match.

In conclusion, Arsenal is looking more like they will win this season’s Premier League based on the more efficient offensive actions in each of their matches, and their up and coming new players showing their skills on the field and dominating the competition. It will be interesting to see how Arsenal will continue to keep its lead in the league and I guess I’ll have to watch the next couple of games for certainty.


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