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Jayson Tatum’s Record Breaking 51 Points Help the Celtics Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals

Ben Shin

Jayson Tatum after a record-breaking 50 points in Game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

On May 14, Jayson Tatum led the Celtics to a game seven victory over the 76ers. Tatum led the way with 51, scoring almost half of the team’s points. Tatum also brought in 13 rebounds and had five assists. Game seven was close up until the beginning of the third quarter, where the Celtics took off, outscoring the 76ers 33-10. Tatum was a major contributor to this amazing quarter, scoring 17 of the 33 points. The 76ers were unable to guard Tatum, and he was able to pass the ball when he was double teamed. His presence wreaked havoc throughout the 76ers’ defense. The Celtics defense was able to suffocate the 76ers, and especially the regular season MVP (Most Valuable Player), Joel Embid. Tatum played a huge role in the effective defense. The team limited Joel Embid to just 15 points and eight rebounds. They also stopped James Harden from having a good night, allowing him only nine points and seven assists.

The previous all time scorer in game seven was Stephen Curry, who scored 50 points against the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the playoffs. It’s crazy to think that Jayson Tatum was able to break the record by one point just a couple weeks later. Next, Tatum and the Celtics take on the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The same matchup as the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals, where the Heat defeated the Celtics in six games. Can Tatum’s dominant performance in game seven carry over to the Eastern Conference Finals, and bring the Celtics back to another NBA Finals?

Editor’s Note: This article was written prior to the conclusion of the Celtics-Heat series.


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